Oneiric Ocelot is the codename for Ubuntu 11.10

Mark Shuttleworth on his blogpost on Next after Natty? revealed the next codename for Ubuntu 11.10, it will be named Oneiric Ocelot. Oneiric comes from a Greek word which is oneiros which means dream, dreamy or relating to dreams and ocelot is a leopard or also know as the dwarf leopard.

The objective is to capture the essence of our next six months work in a simple name. Inevitably there’s an obliquity, or offbeat opportunism in the result. And perhaps this next release more than most requires something other than orthodoxy – the skunkworks are in high gear right now. Fortunately I’m assured that if one of Natty’s successors is a skunk, it would at least be a sassy skunk!

Mark also outlined its plan for the October release, in this release a 2D desktop experience will run with OpenGL based Unity for those hardware that can handle. A cloud support on 12.04 LTS after the Ubuntu Developer Summit on May at the Budapest.

At the end of his blog Mark encourage to report all bugs on Natty for individual developers, testers and users as the release approaches.

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