Jun 06

World IPv6 Launch

World IPv6 Lauch Badge

World IPv6 Lauch Badge

IPv6 Overview
In the early 90s, the (IETF) or Internet Engineering Task Force was concerned about the exhaustion of the IPv4 or Internet Protocol version 4 network addresses, so they began to look for a replacement for this protocol. This activity led to the development of what is now known as IPv6.

The initial motivation for developing this new protocol was to create an expanded addressing capabilities. IPv6 is not merely a new layer 3 protocol, it is a new internet protocol. IPv6 has been designed with scalability to allow for years of internetwork growth.
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Jul 11

http://encrypted.google.com “aka” Google SSL

SSL or (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol used to provide a secure internet communication like web browsing, instant messaging, email and data transfers. Your search queries and traffics are encrypted so they can’t be read by other parties. This provides you a more secure private sesarch session between your PC and Google. It will help protect your search and search results from interception by a third party.

To use Google SSL is very easy in the URL box of your favorite browser just type http://encrypted.google.com everytime you perform a search. Since this feature is in beta period only Google Web Search and Google Images are available over SSL.

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Mar 31

Google launched “+1” button

Google Inc. launched its “+1” version of Facebook’s “like” button, it will enable users to share publicly the search results with your friends. The “+1” button will start to appear today alongside Google search results and paid ads that Google displays for select users, it will let people recommend search results to friends by clicking on that button, by clicking the recommendation button it will boost the rate of the ads. This feature will begin to influence the ranking of search results and a closely guarded algorithm.

“We always keep an eye out on what other people are doing, but for me the compelling value is just that it’s right there in the search results,” said Matt Cutts.

Google Inc. aims to counter Facebook’s most popular features the “like” and “recommend” buttons to websites.

Google is now battling to maintain its role as the main gateway of information which is the primary source of revenue from search ads and is currently eating up by other social networks.

Mar 30

Twitter’s co-founder is back and wants it to be a more mainstream website

Twitter on its official statement via finance.fortune.cnn.com:

Twitter is pleased to announce that Jack Dorsey has agreed to return to Twitter in an everyday role to lead our product development. Jack will also continue in his role as CEO at Square.

Twitter’s three co-founders –Ev Williams, Biz Stone and Jack– have unselfishly played whatever role was most needed at the time to nurture the company and help the product reach its full potential. Jack has been involved with the company from day one in various roles.

As executive chairman, Jack will dive in to work with more than 450 people, led by an experienced executive team. The timing is fortuitous; not only is Twitter experiencing record growth, but we also now have a new infrastructure that will keep us ahead of that growth and enable us to launch products that will make Twitter more instant, simple and always present.

Jack Dorsey, after 2 years of absence who returned the to the company wants twitter to be a micro-blogging site to the masses.

“We have a lot of mainstream awareness, but mainstream relevancy is still a challenge,” said Dorsey. “The best part about Twitter is that it allows you to do things like following what’s happening in Egypt right now. That’s the value, not the brand ‘Twitter.’ So we need to refocus on that value. That’s my goal in the next few months.”

Twitter is very known for its 140 limited characters called tweets, Twitter is the most popular social media even I myself also tweets even celebrities and politicians.

Mr. Dorsey wants to concentrate on users “that don’t really understand what Twitter is and see Twitter mainly as a consumption experience.”

“We need to refocus on the value and that is my goal in the next few months,” he said.

Mar 30

Nguyen launches a new cellphone-based social network

A Post-PC revolution, a new company is advancing by creating new apps that will bring people together. Bill Nguyen, an entrepreneur who sold his online music company to Apple in 2009 and work with Apple for less than a year. His new company Color Labs, Inc. launches a new dynamic social networks for iPhone and Android users. Color is a open network it means that any Color user can see your content, it allows people within (about 150ft.) close proximity to capture photos, videos and text simultaneously from multiple smartphones, so theirs no need to pass around your cameras, sending email or uploading images and videos online.

Color is a free service with no user names or passwords. they are hoping to be able to generate revenue through advertising and location-based marketing services.

The company raised $41M from Bain Capital Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Silicon Valley Bank. Sequoia Capital’s Leone will join Mike Krupka, Managing Director, Bain Capital Ventures on Color’s Board of Directors. Revenues generated will be used to develop pioneering technologies and provide services on a global scale.

Currently Color is available via Apple App Store and Android Market in US, Europe and Asia. It supports iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, iPod Touch(4th generation), Android 2.2(Froyo) and 2.3(Gingerbread).

Mar 28

Cloud9 the first cloud based integrated development environment(IDE) for Javascripter

The revolution of web applications and technologies are on its way, web apps are even going outside the web and moving towards mobile but all web and mobile apps are written and develop on the desktop.

Ajax.org created Cloud9, an online development environment that let developers create applications in the cloud, this will help Web developers to lead the revolution of Web technology. Continue reading